Paul Bostwick

3027 Sheffield Ave

Oakland, CA, 94602

510-872-8935 (M)

Summary: A history of teamwork and innovation. Efficiently uncovering stakeholder needs and right-sizing solutions to new problems in software, business processes, and the material world.
Tools: MS Office, Google Docs, C (for Arduino projects), HTML, CAD (OnShape and ViaCAD), Acrobat Professional, FileMaker Pro (developer since 1992), FileMaker Server, paper modeling, hand waiving, irony and the telephone.
Key Skills: Discovery, Collaboration, Empathy, Project Management, Change Management, Trust-Building.


   Independent project in solar energy (Self-directed)

December  2009 - Present

Oakland, CA

Technology Director / IT Conversion Leader

   Park Day School, Volunteer (PDS)

August  2008 - June 2017 

Oakland, CA

Database Developer / Consultant

   Self Employed (Consulting)

March 2001 - July 2003

Bay Area CA

Director of Information Technology

   Our Sources, Inc. (OSI)

October 1996 - March 2001 

Fairfax, CA

Development (Fundraising) Associate

   YWCA of San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo (YWCA)

March 1994 - October 1996

San Francisco, CA

Development (Fundraising) Intern

   Northern California Multiple Sclerosis Society (MS) 

December 1993 - March 1994

Oakland, CA

Computing Consultant and Trainer

   Independent Contractor (Consulting)

July 1993 - February 1993

  Bay Area CA

Marketing Consultant

   Aurora Theatre Company (ATC)

April 1993 - August 1993 

Berkeley, CA

Feature Film Departmental Coordinator

   Golden Gate Productions (GGP)

October 1992 - February 1993

San Francisco, CA

Founding Marketing and Sales Manager

   Aurora Theatre Company (ATC)

January 1992 - August 1992

Berkeley, CA

Assistant Production Manager

   Berkeley Repertory Theatre (BRT)

July 1989 - January 1992

Berkeley, CA

Touring Company Manager

   Cornerstone Theatre Company (CTC)

August 1988 - April 1989


System Design (''Greenfield projects'' I led as primary contributor)

Constructed a web-mediated marketplace for real time business-to-business (B2B) and agent to consumer trade in the travel industry. Drafted, redrafted and troubleshot multiple visitor/member/trade flows. Managed outsourced staff and internal design and refinement process. Site included: online inventory, live booking engine, custom offer negotiation, automated and customized promotional PDF production and emailing, integrated supply chain and fulfillment messaging and issue resolution systems and automated prompts for process completion. A salesperson from a former rival company, upon seeing our demo said, ''You have what we spent 5 million dollars to build, and we never did get it done.'' OSI had spent far less than $1 million. (OSI)

Designed, built, tested and implemented three generations of multi-user Conference Management software. Highlights include: Tracking third party and partial payments. Hotel room-block management. Presentation room scheduling. Multiple and repeating conferences. Web based-registration and email enabled confirmation and billing. This was pretty advanced for the late 90's. (OSI)

Built, maintained and supported a full array of School Management Systems including: Student Information System, Admissions Management System, Student Evaluation System (including a PDF production and emailing system) and 3 generations of child check-out (after-school program.)
All of the above accomplished with minimal project specifications for a user community with a broad range of computer skills and expectations. (PDS)

Built, maintained and evolved Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Rebuilding Together Peninsula. Custom system tracked donors, volunteers, volunteer roles, service projects and financial and in-kind contributions as well as grant income and project specifications. Additionally developed an email and traditional letter generating system that mail-merged (and email-merged). Importantly for fundraising: this system logged all correspondence and dialog so staffers could see and act upon the entire detailed history. (Consultant)

Designed a document management system for ''prior art citations'' and argument support for a US Patent application. Included online links to Google Patent engine and local PDF storage. (Personal tool)         

Designed and built marketing list and prospect management system for Brain Storm (an ISP). Highlights include aggressive duplicate reduction, development of marketing history records and yield reports, tie-ins to off-line resources to cross-match telephone area codes with Telco Central Offices and related prospects, multi-user email boilerplate management. (Consulting)

Designed and built a Theater Management System for tracking subscription sales and donations. Also created box-office accounting and filing systems for startup of new professional theater company. (ATC)         

Writing & Designing

Led composition of multiple drafts and two t patent applications (as well as appeals) to support an independent invention. (Personal project)

Developed voice (as ghost writer) and presentation of small theater company's initial marketing campaigns: modeled loosely on the J. Peterman catalog's ''how I discovered this for you...'' style. (ATC)

Developed employee evaluation procedures for exempt and nonexempt staff (including a, then novel, 360 approach) as well as handbook for purchasing procedures. (BRT)          

Led the in-house development and writing of 5 preliminary and 3 full 1996 Bay Area United Way Community Impact Fund (Grant) proposals. This was the first funding round of a wholly new funding paradigm that required extensive internal advocacy to transform our very established service delivery model as well as our reporting. Winning proposal netted three-year, $75,000 per year grants. Proposal was rated highest by all readers. (YWCA)

Rewrote entire array of tonally dead thank-you letters, streamlined process. Reduced staff-hours and delays in thanking donors. Audited, and repaired existing Excel reports to yield more valuable and accurate information. Turned around annual campaign from a loss(!) to a modest gain. (YWCA)

Project Management (Deliverables in support of others and non ''systems-centric'' accomplishments)

With senior management team, selected a school-wide commercial software system to replace a large array of custom applications (all of which I built and managed). Managed expectations (up and down) regarding transition for both management and users. Acted as primary interface with vendor. Functions replaced included: admissions (back office as well as parent-facing web), student and family records, and evaluation (grades) reporting. Project included a maximal retention of legacy data, cheerful handholding support for users and management of servers and a 3rd-party support provider. (PDS)

Generated clean historic admissions and retention data for both board and accreditation reports by combining and cross-checking diverse sources to overcome poor historic data handling practices. (PDS)

Commissioned and specified early lean engineering reality-check studies in optics and thermal management to support an independent invention. (Consultant)

Generated RFP and analyzed proposals for the company's first business-wide computer system to manage major nonprofit theater company. Participated in negotiations with winning vendor and finalized negotiations on the contract. (BRT)      

Wrote, designed, ran two cycles of tests (each time rewriting, redesigning) and then managed production of all direct mail and collateral material for inaugural theater subscription campaign to boot-strap company. Responsible for all business functions and records. (ATC)

Coordinated production of Berkeley Repertory Theatre's two professional school touring shows each year, including world premieres of ''Yo Frankie!'' by Culture Clash and ''Dragonwings'' by Laurence Yep. (BRT)

Researched, recompiled and then re-filed to the satisfaction of the Internal Revenue Service, a predecessor's three magnificently-botched quarters of payroll withholding, payments and reporting of same. (CTC)



Wesleyan University. BA; major in philosophy with additional emphasis on literature and theater. Middletown, CT            

Indiana University Center on Philanthropy. Certificate. San Francisco, CA.